The biggest illusion in the casino


You do not have any idea of ​​having a magic job at the casino every time you run the game, right? That’s true. Total Illusion! Let me explain. I think in Craps it’s best to first cut your bets. One bet strategy is to convert bets into bets and reduce these bets to minimum bets for profit. By reducing bets in place, you are usually ahead in case of increased bets or staying the same. If you do not believe me, let me give you a simple example. Let’s take three bets on 6, 8 and 9 and keep track of what happens when we lower our bets (the first scenario) versus staying in the same unit (the second scenario). Starting at $ 60, $ 60, $ 8 and $ 50, let’s follow what happens in each scenario.

1. In the first roll, the shooter shoots at 6. The first scenario collects $ 70 on 6 and reduces to $ 30. The second scenario is $ 70.

2. On the second lap, the shooter casts 8. The first scenario collects $ 70, and reduces $ 8 to $ 30. The second scenario is $ 70.

3. On the third lap, the shooter shoots at 9. The first scenario collects $ 70, and reduces 9 to $ 25. The second scenario is $ 70.

So after three wins, both the first and second scenarios combine the same $ 210. But the player in the second scenario can boast what he still has on the table: $ 60 on 6, 8 and $ 50 on the number 9! Instead of $ 30 on $ 6, 8 and $ 25 just on 9. But here’s a great example of what I call the biggest illusion in the casino! It is true that the second scenario has a bigger bet on the table than the first scenario, but the profits on the table, not in the shelf! It will take three more strokes on those internal numbers to capture the first scenario and the fourth result to move forward. you want to see? Watch 예스카지노

1. Let’s say that the shooter must seven after this third strike. The scenario I just paid $ 210 minus $ 85 on the table for a profit of $ 125. The second scenario also won $ 210 minus $ 170 on the table for a profit of $ 40.

2. Well, let’s say that the shooter should throw another 6. The first scenario wins $ 35, Scenario II wins $ 70. The second scenario can now boast the biggest profit. But is it really a bigger profit? With seven in the following table, the first scenario wins $ 245 minus $ 85 on the table for a $ 160 profit. The second scenario wins $ 280 minus $ 170 for a profit of $ 110.

3. Suppose the lap continues. Cast another shooter 8. The first scenario wins $ 280 minus $ 85 to win $ 195. The second scenario wins $ 350 minus $ 170 for a profit of $ 180. Now do you see why I call them the biggest illusion in the casino?

4. Even with another blow on the 6, the first scenario wins at $ 315 minus $ 85 for a profit of $ 230. The second scenario wins $ 420 minus $ 170 for a $ 250 profit.

It took six strikes for the second scenario to catch up and pull a little before the first scenario! You need one more blow to make a big difference in profit. That is why there is an illusion. You think you made a lot of money but it was on the table. And seven out makes everything disappear. Even this sixth win, the first scenario is usually ahead and I do not think it is worth the risk for a hot list that seldom happens anyway. So next time.

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